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Part of the SAFY Group, S4 Auto offers high quality used cars to the discerning buyer, and always at a great price. We specialise in quality second hand vehicles from luxury brands, including Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW and more, offering those top class vehicles for specialised low prices. 

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High quality pre-owned vehicles

If you’re looking for high quality second hand cars, then S4 Auto is the place for you. S4 Auto offers a full range of services dedicated to helping you find the perfect quality used vehicle. Browse our online listings of the luxury cars that we have in stock right now, or visit our showroom where you can inspect the cars for yourself. Ask us about our car finder service where we find the used vehicle you’re looking for.

Need finance for your new vehicle?

Car Finance with S4 Auto

Financing a car at S4 Auto does not have to be difficult. With Qualified Finance Managers, with over 20 years experience and also approved with all the major banks in South Africa, S4 Auto can accommodate your finance requirements. Contact us for more information or apply online today.

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